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DATE & TIME : 15th November 2017 Time 08.30am To 6.30pm
PLACE : Hotel Alka, Station Road, Opp. Alka Talkies, Thane(W)-400601, Maharashtra
SEMINAR FEES : Rs. 5000/- Only : Rs.5000


Join one day VEL ANMOL Seminar on Time Management to get the results that you always wanted & also learn to handle pressure, stress, Procrastination & lot more in just a day.!!!


Every day we face many challenges & the only option left is to do fire fighting. Our choices are made & actions are been taken out of these situations & there is no time left in achieving what we truly want to accomplish.


Few of the issues that we face in our day to day life are...


How to organise ourselves?
How to get what we want in a specific time frame?
How to utilize our time effectively & to get the best out of it?

The only way we know to deal with these problems is to create a schedule by putting as many as tasks as we could & expect it to solve our problem & to turn around our life. Only to realize that whatever we have schedule has not been accomplished & being postpone to tomorrow & that tomorrow never arises.


Without managing time you can’t manage your life. Still if you continue putting as much as pressure on yourself then there comes time where you are exhausted & given up on your goals permanently.


If you are facing time management problem in your day to day life & feeling lost then participating in this seminar, you will learn to manage it effectively & it will also give you the direction for your life.


After completing Vel Anmol Seminar participants reports that, the major benefits they have experienced are in the following areas:-


  • Importance of time management
  • Handling obstacles of time management
  • Overcoming procrastinations
  • Directions of life
  • Clarity on the purpose
  • Importance of goal setting
  • Handling pressure & conflicts
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Dealing with stress
  • Balancing all the aspects of life


We have met thousands of people & done a lot of research. So we know the best solutions for your problems. Problem doesn’t arise by asking your age. Any given age whether it’s teenager or an elderly do face one of the above problems. You might be experiencing such issues in your life right now.


Keeping this in mind we have created a seminar which is useful to all level of people such as businessmen, housewife’s, politicians, college students, corporate or government employees, even to a retired person.


This seminar is highly interactive in nature, which deals with your own life directly. So you are not dealing with any hypothetical problem but with your own real life issues. You will be having an expert guidance to get the desired results that your heart beats for. You will have many tools to handle any given situations of your life.


Apart from this you will love our seminar in many other ways. Such as,

Build Networking:
This seminar is great way to meet professionals from other industries. This networking may be beneficial to your professional career. Also you will have different views, tips and tricks to resolve issues about time management.
Group Discussions:
Aside from coaching and presentations, seminar attendees will enjoy our group discussions whenever it’s required.

Vel anmol seminar is always held at hotel which provides good facilities & nearby a railway station or may be 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from railway station.


After completion of Vel Anmol seminar our coach will award you course completion certificate. This certification can increase your value in your organisation, as well as build your confident to handle situation.