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Gifted with a wonderful name, Shailesh honours his life’s purpose. Shailesh means the Himalaya. Its wisdom has the same simplicity and yet the same steepness of Himalaya. And Tandel means the one who guides the sailors to drive the ship to a decided destination. He doesn’t drive himself but he is the captain of the ship. In his every action you will find a strong commitment.

In last 5/10 years many Marathi’s got into business & succeeded too. In 1989 this wasn’t the scenario. Marathi Manus & business were 2 different poles. The existence was not noticeable in any manner or standards. At that time without even completing 20 years of age & without having any capital in hand, I just jumped in to the business.

This is the age where people struggle to be on their own, possibly finding them a good job. In peoples view it’s like hitting axe on your own leg. You can only get into business if your forefathers have left lot of money for you to waste or after earning experience & enough money to take risk; you are getting into business in your forties or fifties. I had made up my mind not to turn back & to deal with any challenges that may arise. I dealt with it powerfully & that too not for a small period but consistently for 25 years

When your business is getting established & even after it’s established you do face so many ups & downs. If you are a first generation businessman then the problems aren’t few but they are in wholesale. While facing these problems you be so engrossed that probably you can’t see the world beyond you. Rather than holding onto or pampering issues I confronted them, every time that occurred. I always learned something or the other from these experiences & kept teaching it to as many people as possible.

After realising leadership qualities in me a pathway got created in guiding people for betterment of their life with the help of my business experiences & my supporting nature. It wasn’t a conscious decision to guide people. I was rather completely unaware of this happening & only realize this fact when it reached the expressway of trainings.

All these years the work that I started to support people in realising true potential in them & having a great life by using simple methods is still continued.

You will always witness excitement & simplicity in me. May be I am gifted with this power & while discovering myself it got clearer & it dawn on me to use it in right direction. May be last 15/20 years this gift has helped me in guiding people. Even a complex issue weather it’s mine or somebody’s, it simply vanishes in playful atmosphere.

Rather than giving knowledge I support people in realising their own qualities & way to use in their life. Knowledge is very important but it’s useless if you don’t know how to use it & when to use it.

The purpose of my life is to enable people from all walks of life realising their true potential & strength to take on big things & to face the reality of life.

In last 25 years of my carrier as a businessman & as a Life Skills Trainer I realised that I feel satisfied when I am able make difference in somebody’s life. No matter who is the person, whether he/she is close to me or a complete stranger, a child or an elderly person I love to be with people & to make their life as progressive as possible.

With this commitment in heart I started organising open seminars in Marathi for general public & in last 4 years from the time I started I have led more than 50 seminars in & around Mumbai

I have seen many up-downs in my life hence having a direct experience about so many things. Sometime I have learned a lesson from my own mistakes & sometime from others mistakes so it’s not the bookish knowledge but a self developed knowledge. Possibly I have passed from the place where you are stuck right now. That’s why I may be the right person to show you the pathway.

Journey of a trainer started just like that but now lovingly people call me ‘A Time Management Expert’, ‘Master Communicator’ or simply a ‘Versatile Trainer’.

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