Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

Creating a Pathway To Miraculous Life

We all want to be successful in every endeavor & that too as early as possible. Base on our capacity we reach to a particular level but beyond that our ideas, planning or no matter how hard we try, nothing works. Expectations from self & from others don’t get fulfill as though everything becomes standstill.

On such occasions getting an expert advice is real valuable. But not necessarily everybody has such person in life who can guide them. Even if they do, still getting their support on time is not guaranteed. If you wait until they get free as per their comfort then you are bound to spoil the success that you have achieved so far. Who stops gets vanished, that how the world works.

When faced with such blockages, people prefer participating in some sort of seminars or workshops, which helps them to create growth in their person & professional life. That’s why few people keep participating regularly in some or the other seminars to achieve their goals faster.

Few dreams are really too big & does require attention of a very special person. If you get personal guidance on such things then even the most impossible work becomes easily manageable. This is not restricted only to business entity. There are few areas of your life where you are suppressed & that costing you heavily. It can be your family, marriage or any relationship or even your own very person issues, which makes you suffer all the time. Getting these issues public means end of life. By taking support you remove even the deepest rooted problem & start living life fully.

We are not able to see our own shortcomings or faults clearly. Many times that create blockages that we haven’t imagined earlier in achieving what we want. Personal coach or mentor trains you into identifying even tiniest qualities & threats that supports you in creating extraordinary results. These coaching & mentoring sessions can be weekly/ fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs & deeds.

What you can expect to deal in Personal & Professional Coaching?

  • Clarity on what really matter to you & aligning goals and objectives with what really matters to you.
  • Being clear on the area where you want a significant impact.
  • Creating action plan & implementing it powerfully
  • Confidence in communicating, collaborating & leading effectively
  • Being effective and at ease in personal and professional relationships
  • How to excel personal performance?
  • How to live life full of vitality & how to enjoy it thoroughly?
  • How to create environment that creates opportunities & allows you to deal with challenges and adventures powerfully?
  • How to be unstoppable in whatever you are upto?
  • How to stand for outcomes which are bigger than yourself?
  • How to be at ease with life transitions and embracing new horizons?
  • How to create passion in life?
  • How to create love & intimacy in the relationship?
  • How to Communicate & express powerfully, without hurting anybody?

Salient Features

  • One to one sessions
  • Listening to you & giving uninterrupted attention
  • Clarifying and aligning with the goals and objectives that matters the most
  • Creating structures, practices, and timeframes to achieve a specific goal or vision
  • Creating action plan that works in a specific issue or the vision that takes you to the life unimagined so far.
  • Balancing person & professional life & dealing powerfully with the course of life.

Time Management & Relationship Guru SHAILESH TANDEL

Gifted with a wonderful name, Shailesh honors his life’s purpose. Shailesh means ‘Himalaya’. Its wisdom has the same simplicity and yet the same steepness of Himalaya. And Tandel means the one who guides the sailors to drive the ship to a decided destination. He doesn’t drive himself but he is the captain of the ship. In his every action you will find a strong commitment.

In last 10/15 years many Maharashtrians got into business & succeeded too but in 1989 that wasn’t the scenario. Marathi Manus & business were 2 extreme ends of the pole. Starting a business was considered a biggest risk as you might end up losing all that you have & when you are responsible to your READ MORE>>>