Time Management

'Precious Time' A Time Management Workshop

Creating Time & Living A Balanced Life

In our day to day life we do face many challenges & the only option that is left for us is to do fire fighting. Our choices are made & actions are been taken out of these situations & there is no time left in achieving what we truly desire to accomplish. Rather living a peaceful life we are always busy collecting & putting together the pieces of life.

Few of the issues that we face in our day to day life are...

  • How to utilize our time effectively & to get the best out of it?
  • How to live a planned life?
  • How to organize ourselves?
  • How to get what we want in a specific time frame?
  • How to use time to make my life worth?
  • How to balance Family & office & still having time for self?
  • How to complete more work in lesser time?
  • How to eradicate procrastination effectively?
  • How to handle uncertainty of life?

The only way we know to deal with these situations is to create a schedule by putting as many as tasks as we could & expect it to solve our problem & to turn around our life. Only to realize that whatever we have schedule has not been accomplished & being postpone to tomorrow & that tomorrow never arises.

So it’s not only that the work gets hampered but it also creates life that’s hanging somewhere between Earth & Heaven just like ‘Trishanku’. You can’t go ahead & can’t even come back.

It sounds good when you are listening to a story but not in your own life. But still most of us have faced that earlier or are going thru it right now & struggling hard to find a way out.

Without managing time you can’t manage your life. Still if you continue putting as much as pressure on yourself then there comes time where you are exhausted & given up on your goals permanently.

If you want to come out of this hanging ‘Trishanku’ lifestyle & want to know the answers for your long pending questions then register for the upcoming workshop in nearby city right now.

This 1 day ‘Precious Time workshop’, on Time Management will give the results that you always wanted & also you will learn to handle Pressure, Stress, Procrastination & lot more in just a day!!!

After completing Vel Anmol Workshop participants reports that, the major benefits they have experienced are in the following areas:-

  • Importance of Time Management
  • Handling Obstacles of Time Management
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Directions of Life
  • Handling Pressure
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Balancing all the Aspects of Life

Workshop Is For...
Businessmen, housewife’s, politicians, college students, corporate or government employees or even for a retired person.

Time Management & Relationship Guru SHAILESH TANDEL

Team Building Seminar

Gifted with a wonderful name, Shailesh honors his life’s purpose. Shailesh means ‘Himalaya’. Its wisdom has the same simplicity and yet the same steepness of Himalaya. And Tandel means the one who guides the sailors to drive the ship to a decided destination. He doesn’t drive himself but he is the captain of the ship. In his every action you will find a strong commitment.

In last 10/15 years many Maharashtrians got into business & succeeded too but in 1989 that wasn’t the scenario. Marathi Manus & business were 2 extreme ends of the pole. Starting a business was considered a biggest risk as you might end up losing all that you have & when you are responsible to your family's welfare too then security comes first not the adventure. Hence the Marathi Manus existence in business was almost negligible.

If the scenario was so uncertain then it wasn’t pro for someone who didn’t even crossed his teenage READ MORE>>>