SEARCHLIGHT is a large powerful focus light, a device that you can turn to shine in any direction; Left-right, front-back, up or down, whichever way you want; you can use it. It Works in 360 degrees.

Normal light that we use in our day to day life gives us the light which is scattered in all the directions. Certainly you get light but not the effect that you wanted.
SEARCHLIGHT puts light directly on the targeted object. SEARCHLIGHT is being used in many ways, even by the military to find a particular object or enemy.

A SEARCHLIGHT does exist WITHIN every living being & also the 'spark' which is needed to light READ MORE>>>

Time Management & Relationship Guru SHAILESH TANDEL

Gifted with a wonderful name, Shailesh honors his life’s purpose. Shailesh means ‘Himalaya’. Its wisdom has the same simplicity and yet the same steepness of Himalaya. And Tandel means the one who guides the sailors to drive the ship to a decided destination. He doesn’t drive himself but he is the captain of the ship. In his every action you will find a strong commitment.

In last 10/15 years many Maharashtrians got into business & succeeded too but in 1989 that wasn’t the scenario. Marathi Manus & business were 2 extreme ends of the pole. Starting a business was considered a biggest risk as you might end up losing all that you have & when you are responsible to your family's welfare too then security comes first not the adventure. Hence the Marathi Manus existence in business was almost negligible.

If the scenario was so uncertain then it wasn’t pro for someone who didn’t even crossed his teenage & surely not for someone, who was not having any guidance or capital in hand to run the business.  READ MORE>>>


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